Javascript highlight content

June 22, 2006

Hello Friends,

I have created some good stuff for our project EDB. You can have a look on
it by clicking on "?" sign beside each text box on the Homepage.


The requirement was to flash the Help content whenever someone will clicks
 "help" button. The background get grayed and focus moves to the Help
Section. You will get it more clear when you will see it working.

1) One div which will cover the entire section [blockSection]
2) Make it transparent so that the content behind it will be visible.
3) Keep its z-index=1 So it always appear above on the content.
4) One more div in which the help section will appear and keep its z-index
more than blockSection, which will allow it be always on the top of other
5) On click of any "help" button make blocksection and helpSection visible.
6) On click of close button make it invisible, which revert back it to the
normal mode.

And see the effect.

Thank you