Flex Web service result are not proper.

In our project we are stuck with the web service result. We are only getting the partial result. Web Service is built on the .Net. I tested the Web Service calls with Php and .Net client, results are very correct.

In case of flex, it just returning the single object. We changed the resultFormat property of the Web Service client within Flex to “e4X” and “XML”. Its returning the correct result but still facing problem while traversing with XML.

This is really weird behaviour of the flex, we are experiencing this for the first time.

What wrong I am doing here? Is there any other way to call Web Service built in .Net.

2 Responses to Flex Web service result are not proper.

  1. One of our developer shivraj sonawane solve this problem by handling the namespace returned from the webservice.
    When we set the resultFormat to “e4x” we must handle the namespace for the webservice.

    private namespace myNameSpace=”http://www.test.com/webservice”;
    use namespace myNameSpace;

  2. Depending on the nature of your webservice, keep in mind that without using Flex Data Services your wsdl link will be exposed for malicious people to decompile the .swf to access. With FDS you can use named proxy calls to keep the WSDL on the server side.

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