Easy file uploading with Coldfusion

File uploading seems to be very basic feature that of every web application. Coldfusion offers very easy way for uploading file on the server. Single tag “cffile” for multiple needs.

<cffile action=”upload” destination=”c:\temp\” nameConflict=”overwrite” fileField=”Form.FiletoUpload”>

-Specify different values for it in this case upload

-Where your file will get saved.

-This attributes tell the coldfusion when file is available on server. Should it be overwrite, skip, or need to create with new name

-Name of the files that has to be uploaded.

Also in html form part, you need to define form enctype=”multipart/form-data”. This tell coldfusion that file has been submitted by web browser.

-Create html form for file uploading
-Create cfm page  for your coldfusion scripting
-Check wheater form has been submitted or not
-Submitted then run the cffile tag

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