How to Get Mouse Coordinates with Javascript !!!

Yesterday while working on a script and I wanted to know the cursor X, Y coordinates. Suprisingly I forgot how to get the X and Y coordinates of mouse. After thinking for some time, its strike that everything related to the current state is stored in events. So How to get the X and Y positions.

-capture mousemove event and list down all its properites

This is how I find X and Y coordinates

<title>Get Mouse Coordinates</title>
<script language=”javascript”>
var divObj;

* capture mousemove event, this statement will cause browser to
* call getMouseCoordites function each time mouse moves

*identify which event is supported
* Based on that collect pageX and pageY properties of the event object
* pageX and pageY gets the X and Y cursor coordinates
function getMouseCoordinates(event)
ev = event || window.event;
divObj.innerHTML = “Mouse X:”+ev.pageX + ” Mouse Y:”+ev.pageY;

//assign the mouseCoord Object to divObj
function loadDiv()
divObj = document.getElementById(“mouseCoord”);

<body onLoad=”loadDiv()”>
<div id=”mouseCoord”>Mouse Coordinates position will be displayed here.

Script works well with Mozilla, For IE need to do further modification in finding the exact position by calculating different properties value.


3 Responses to How to Get Mouse Coordinates with Javascript !!!

  1. Dhanasekar R says:


    function unLoadFnc(evt)
    var e = (window.event) ? window.event : evt;

    Sample Html.

  2. Mouse says:


    yeah thats what I ment, i didnt remember the spelling but i did remember the meaning of the Mouse

  3. Shadmehr Vadoodi says:

    Thank you So much for this script

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